What will be the IMPACT of this development? 

Ask yourself these questions:

Is 202 residential units the right density for this location?

Is changing it from “Parks and Open Space” to “Residential” the best use of the land?

What will be the impact of the additional traffic on Stonehaven Avenue?  (There will be no exits on Bayview.)

Would the current retention ponds be adequate if there was additional run-off from an intensive residential development?

Is it OK to change the flood plain and partially re-locate the flood plain?  Are the developer’s plans for an alternative drainage system adequate?  Who will pay the cost of maintaining the system?

Is demolishing the Police Club, a well-built, 20-year-old, 15,000 square foot multi-purpose building, and putting it in a land-fill site an environmentally responsible thing to do?

Are there alternatives to demolishing the building?  Could the building be re-purposed?

Do you want a wall of townhouses stretching from the last house on Stonehaven, all the way to Bayview?  Are you OK with losing the views you see as you drive/walk/ride along Stonehaven Avenue?

Is it OK to build on that steep slope? 

Will the vibrations during construction to re-engineer the slope to allow for it to be built upon, affect your house?

Is removing 291 of 308 large trees on the property, and replacing them with small trees and/or paying a $310,000 fee acceptable? 

Is creating a land-locked park, with no access except foot paths, and no available public parking, fair to all community members?

Will it even be a public park?  The developer has made no commitment.

Is there such an urgent need for more housing in Newmarket that we need to build on park land?

Has the Town adequately consulted with residents?

Is it is a good idea to approve this before proper environmental studies have been done on this ecologically sensitive area?

Is it right to accept a new subdivision of 202 units that provides no playground, parkette or public amenity within the subdivision, as is required by the Planning Act.

What will be the impact of losing the soccer fields, baseball diamonds, volleyball court and running track currently used by various community groups and schools?

Do townhouse lots that are only 5.5m wide create a desirable streetscape?  The fronts of some townhouses will consist of only a garage door and a people door.

Should Council accept the developer's request to change the Zoning Bylaw to create a new zoning category that provides for townhouse lots smaller, with a higher percentage of lot cover, than has ever been approved for Newmarket before?  

If the by-law is changed to permit these new smaller, denser townhouse lots, will that become the new standard for all new developments in Newmarket?

Has the developer really put enough thought into their design to create something that works for both the community, the environment and the developer?

What do you think the impact will be, of this development, if it goes ahead as planned?

What ideas can we, the Stonehaven community, give the developer about how to make this better for everyone?



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